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April Newsletter

Welcome to a new month🌷

We can officially say Winter is over, we are finally seeing longer & brighter days and .. OH MAN it feels great! Now it's time to shake off that Winter funk and set some new self care goals to get your wellness back in check. After all, this month we do celebrate World Health day, a little reminder that we need to prioritize our self love & self care🫶

To help you set these goals, we will be talking about the top 3 things our clients are most concerned about.

1. Hair loss issues

2. Spider veins, broken capillaries & more

3. Anti-aging i.e. loss of firmness, wrinkles & more

Continue reading to find out WHY these things occur.

Winter hair loss is primarily brought on by dry air outside which dehydrates your scalp by sucking out all of the moisture. Dry hair, dry scalp and wearing hats can cause breakage, thinning and hair loss. Most of the time the stress of the season changes and Vitamin deficiency strains the scalp and hair follicle causing a reactional hair loss.

Introducing the right products & treatments into your scalp & haircare routine at the correct time ignites much needed new hair growth.

Did you know that hair renews itself 20-25 times over the course of a lifetime?!

It's time to get moving 💪

Winter tends to keeps us stagnant creating a huge impact on our body in many ways, primarily on the legs. Lack of movement and sitting for long periods of time are the main causes of poor circulation. It puts a lot of pressure on the wall of our veins which weakens them and may cause the veins to swell up. When your vein walls are weak and your valves are not working right, blood backs up in the veins. This causes the blue and purple bulges you see on your legs, feet or ankles.

Did you know if you take all the veins, arteries, and capillaries of the human body and stretched them end to end, it would circumnavigate the globe…twice!

Oh that winter weather! Cold temperatures, dry air, freezing winds, central heating, lack of sun ... the list goes on and on. All of this creates havoc on our skin, making it extremely dehydrated and dry. This leads to more fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and sensitivity.

Did you know that we accumulate the most pigmentation, freckles & sunspots over the winter months due to the lack of sun protection?

Check out our blog post "Anti-Aging and Preventive Treatments for Optimal Skin Health.''

From your Glam Squad

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, we hope you learned a lot. If you have any questions you can reach out to us and book a consultation

call (416)319-4839 or email

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