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About the Goulart Sisters


Melissa Hellam


Stephanie Goulart

In the year 2008, two sisters with a passion for beauty created Salon Goulart in Toronto. Melissa specializes in hair extensions and hairloss solutions, Stephanie specializes in skincare and Laser Facial Treatments.

A few years ago, when Melissa was touring the hair extension stores in Toronto, she realized a gap in the market. So many people are going through the same thing and need help. There was no one place where people could come to learn about what they have going on with their hair and find solutions. Since then, she's been building Salons Goulart in Toronto and exploring ways to educate her clients on everything that's happening to their hair and scalp.

Meanwhile her sister Stephanie has always been interested in beauty. She studied Aesthetics and Laser Treatment before discovering that skincare was her true love.

The sisters combined their passions about beauty. They believe that everyone is deserving of beauty, as everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

Our glam-squad's fearless leaders Stephanie & Melissa are the ultimate sister duo 💪💪⠀_⠀_
Happy December! 🎄⠀_⠀_We can't wait to welcome this holiday season with some ✨ amazing ✨ b
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