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Elevate Your Hairstyling

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Washing your hair is a ritual I truly cherish. It's more about me taking care of myself than it is about getting that hair clean.

Now don't get me wrong, clean hair is a must but right now I'm more obsessed about how good my hair ends up smelling for the next few days. You thought dry shampoo was awesome, let me tell you about my...

2 favorite products for finishing right now!

1. Absolue Keratine Beauty Cream

-The beauty cream is formulated with plant-derived keratin, camelina oil for moisture, and silicone-free. Think of it like this, if you must moisturize your skin every day then why wouldn't you do the same to your hair. On top of hydrating your hair, it's also adding strength so this product is a double bonus.

2. Shine Mist

-Used on dry hair, shine mist gently adds moisture and shine with Jojoba oil and the signature style scent creates an overall indulgent experience. This product is great because everyone loves shiny hair but not everyone likes to use oil in their hair. Instead of those heavy oils, now you can spray a light mist of shine spray or add more if you like (every day😊)!

Remember you deserve to take care of yourself because you love yourself! If you need to have a full spa experience every time you get in the bathroom then so be it! There's a link below where you can purchase the products mentioned above. If you can't find what you're looking for online or your just having a hard time navigating our website, simply send an email to We apologize for the inconvenience but we spend more time doing our hair than we do learning about websites😘🤣

Until next time!

Yours truly,


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