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3 Simple Rules for your Skincare Routines Fall Edition

Alright folks, it's time to give your skincare routine a fall makeover!

As the leaves change colors, so should your approach to taking care of your precious skin. Here are three simple rules to follow that will have you glowing like a pumpkin spice latte in no time!

1. Cleansing in the AM and PM are non-negotiable. Just like your morning cup of coffee, you need to start and end your day with some skincare love. Don't skip out on this step or you'll be as sad as a wilted leaf.

Photograph taken by Patricia Sequeira

2. Vitamin C serum is your new best friend. This powerful potion will brighten up your complexion faster than you can say "pumpkin pie." Slather it on in the morning for an extra dose of radiance that even the sun will envy. Tip always apply your vitamin c on cleansed and dry face, then follow with your subsequent skincare products.

3. Sunblock is not just for summer days at the beach. The sun's rays can still wreak havoc on your skin during fall, so don't forget to protect yourself! It's like wearing a cozy sweater for your face - stylish and practical.

Photograph taken by Patricia Sequeira

Bonus tip: Add some retinol into the mix for some serious anti-aging magic. This superhero ingredient will fight off wrinkles and fine lines like they're yesterday's news. Your future self will thank you.

And remember, hydration is key! Stock up on hydrating serums, rich moisturizers, and eye creams to keep dryness at bay. Incorporate hydrating serums and mask into your routine for that extra plumpness and glow.

Photograph taken by Patricia Sequeira

So there you have it - three simple rules (plus a bonus tip) to level up your fall skincare routine.

Follow these guidelines religiously, and soon enough people will be asking if there's something special in that pumpkin spice latte...spoiler alert: it's just good skincare!

Your Glam Squad

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