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Bride-to-be Beauty Planner

It's no secret, a modern day bride has a lot to balance,trying to plan the perfect wedding can be stressful and booking all your bridal services can be difficult as well. Let me ask you a question...why do you hire a wedding planner? Why not hire a beauty planner?

Enter Salon Goulart! Melissa and Stephanie are beauty experts and we have everything you need for your wedding day week of prep. Did you know that there is an actual order in which you should get things done! The perfect example would be if you got your spray tan and then decided you would go for your waxing and pedicure the next day. That would be a BIG NO NO!!! Don't worry though, we have all the answers for you. Just send us a quick e-mail and we can guide you through it all. To top it all off, we also do wedding day hair and makeup on location :) Booking with us is just what the doctor ordered, stay stress free and leave it with us.

Bridal hair and makeup services done on location


Send us a quick e-mail and we will book you in for a free consultation. Find out how you can book your FREE bridal hair and make-up trial.

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