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Gift with purchase, what could be more perfect!!

What if I told you your spray tan could last up to 4 weeks...well it's true!

When you get a spray tan at Salon Goulart, you are guaranteed to fall in love, it's sad to say the results only last 5-7 days! Although I would love to see you every week, i'm pretty sure the summer days are keeping you busy!

We always recommend using 2-3 week tan mousse to everyone.

Extend the life of your spray tan up to 4 weeks...that's right, a whole month! From now until August 1, we are giving away a single bottle of 2-3 week self tan with the purchase of a 3 spray tan package. There's no expire date so you can use then whenever you want! The value of this self tanner is $65 and you can choose from dark or medium in the mousse. Looking forward to seeing you xoxo

If you've ever wanted to get a spray tan, you're probably reading this right now! You can rest assured that I will give you all the tips you need to achieve and maintain your best spray tan ever! Looking forward to seeing you :)

Yours Truly,


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