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Signature Facial

Synergistically formulated with advanced age prevention ingredients, including highly active concentrates applied with specific massages. This advanced treatment is designed to stimulate the anti-aging mechanism to prevent visible signs of aging. The skin is left refreshed, radiant and younger-looking.

90 MIN      $110.00

PACKAGE  3 FOR $220.00 OR 6 FOR $550.00


Ampoule Infusion 30min

Experience BABOR's iconic Bi-Phase Cleaning Ritual, followed by the most intensive form of beauty therapy- a professional beauty ampoule treatments. With highly concentrated natural active ingredients tailored to your skin type, this intensive ampoule treatments immediately produces visible results you can see and feel.

30 MIN      $50.00






Facial Treatment

skin detoxification is essential for cellular regeneration. This blend of potent vitamins and minerals will treat the skin and neutralize harmful substances that can increase visible sign of aging. The resulting detoxification will allow nutrient revitalization which is vital for maintaining youthful skin. Includes a microdermabrasion treatment as well.

Cost $120.00

Package 6 treatments


Facial Massage

specially designed for extremely dry sensitive skin, rosacea and dermatitis, this calming therapy will soothe, strengthen, and balance the skin. Skin feels instantly soothed, less irritated and deeply hydrated.



Cost $120.00

Package 4 treatments


Facial Mask

this effective repair therapy boosts skin cell regeneration and cell turnover for skin that appears young and wrinkle-free. A beneficial treatment before surgical procedures; it is also recommended to strengthen the skin after a trauma.







Cost $140.00

Package 6 treatments



Instantly comforting, this hydrating and soothing mask will calm redness and irritation


Detoxifying clay mask peel-off

Gently purify the skin with this mineral clay mask. Skin looks and feels smooth with a fresh, rosy glow.



this nutrient rich and hydrating mask invigorates the skin with active ingredients and spirulina seaweed for visibly firmer skin.



Boost your collagen production and instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles. Skin feels incredibly soft and smooth and appears visibly plumped and refreshed.


Dr. Babor PRO Treatments

Highest level of cosmeceutical effectiveness from skincare experts. Innovative formulations free from fragrance and colorants.

TheraPRO CE Treatment

Instantly stabilizes the skin barrier. An intensive ceramide-boosting treatment to strengthen the skin and create a smooth, healthy-looking complexion. Ideal after a course of TherPRO Peeling treatments. Cream with a 6 skin-related lipids, ceramides and the customized Silver Foil Maks.


 60min   $130.00

TheraPRO EGF Treatment

Strengthens and smooths the skin. A firming anti-aging treatment. Plumps, smooths, and firms the skin. Ideal after a course of TheraPRO peeling treatments. Special feature: Firming Lift Effect Mask 


90min   $160.00

TheraPRO C Treatment

Firms the skin and creates an even skin tone. This treatment revitalizes and smooths tired skin and evens out skin tone. Special feature: 10% AHA Peeling and 20% Vitamin C.  


60min   $130.00



Also know as Collagen Induction Therapy. Microneedling is an effective, non-surgical, non-laser treatment that stimulates the skins collagen production revealing fresh, new skin. Using a device equipped with sterile medical grade needles our Collagen Induction Therapy effectively treats acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.

60min  $400.00


4 treatments $1600.00

6 treatments $1800.00


The ACS-PEN  a Microneedling Revolution

ACS stands fro Advanced Cell Simulation.

The aim of the ACS-PEN is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin. Epidermal cellular renewal is stimulated and accelerated naturally.

The ACS-PEN works effectively on acne, surgical and burn scars, as well as on old and new stretch marks. It has also proven effecting in boosting skin tone and improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots. Finally, it helps to limit loss of skin elasticity and diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Results are visible immediately, after just one session.

ACS stands for Advanced Cell Stimulation. The ACS-PEN is the first of its kind. This "state-of-the-art" device is unique and distinguishes itself from all other needling devices by its unique patent. More importantly, the ACS-PEN incorporates the new precision Linear Needle Module (LNM)- both a world novelty!

The ACS-PEN's purpose: skin optimization by stimulation and proliferation of epidermal stem cells in the basal layer. Thanks to the new Linear Needle Module design, even at this maximum depth, no numbing cream is required! It operates on a comfortable fixed speed.

In contrast to common micro-needling, the operation of the ACS-PEN is pain-free. The arrangement of 10 micro-needles in one line, (LNM), guarantees a precise pricking. All LNM and protection cap are gamma sterilized.

Aging visibly results in wrinkles. Rapid skin elongation (growth or pregnancy)may result in stretch marks. Excessive sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation. Stem cells in our basal layer start to proliferate when stimulated by micro needles, the skin improves by forming new layers of keratinocytes. These facts are scientifically proves. Repeating treatments improve the thickness and the radiance of the epidermis, reducing wrinkles and fine line bringing a younger, firmer skin.

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