Total Results Brass Off blue purple shampoo for brassy hair neutralizes brassy tones while refreshing your color-treated hair with cool tones. Our purple shampoo is the best hair treatment for brunettes that lighten their hair. The blue-violet pigments of this color depositing shampoo neutralize & reduce brassy tones after getting your hair colored. This blue purple shampoo can be left on hair for 2-3 minutes for added toning. Protected Hair Color. Professional Hair Care.


Get Up to 10X less hair breakage with our most neutralizing & toning purple shampoo yet*.


*When using the Brass Off system of purple shampoo, leave-in cream and mask for brassy hair vs. non-conditioning shampoo.


  • Brass Off Shampoo nourishes hair with vitamin Oil
  • Deposits neutralizing blue-violet pigments to reduce brassy tones in your hair
  • Suitable for color-treated hair and natural hair
  • Can be left on hair for 2-3 minutes for added toning


1. Apply the purple shampoo to damp hair.
2. Lather.
3. Rinse.
4. Complete your toning routine with Brass Off Purple Conditioner, and the Brass Off Purple Hair Mask. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

Key Ingredients in the Brass Off Purple Shampoo: Vitamin Oil + Neutralizing Pigments

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo 300ml

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