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This hair mask features highly pigmented blue tones that neutralize and eliminate brassy/orange tones in order to maintain lightened or highlighted hair.
It helps repair and protect fragile hair weakened by the lightening process, which makes it the best hair mask for both brunettes and blondes.
Get Up to 10X less breakage with this hair mask for dry, dyed hair. It composes our 1st system to neutralize brassy tones, while nourishing, softening & protecting lightened hair.*

*When using the Brass Off system of purple shampoo, hair mask and leave-in cream


  • This color-depositing mask nourishes hair with vitamin Oil
  • It deposits neutralizing blue-violet pigments to reduce brassy tones
  • It is suitable for color-treated hair and natural hair
  • It can be left on hair for 2-3 minutes for added toning


1. Start with your Brass Off Purple Shampoo, followed by your Brass Off Purple Conditioner
2. Wearing suitable gloves, apply hair treatment to wet hair
3. Distribute hair mask evenly by combing it through
4. Avoid scalp area and leave on for 5 minutes if you want a subtle neutralization or 10 formaximum neutralization.
5. Rinse

*This color-depositing mask shouldn't be used everyday because of it's highly pigmented formula.

Brass Off Mask

Out of Stock
  • Size 200ml

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