A full-size and complimentary travel-size Full Dry Volume Blast to instantly create volume and texture—no heat styling required.


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  • Hold canister 10 inches away from dry hair. 
    -Lift and spray hair section by section, from roots to ends, making sure to shake can well before each spray. 
    -Repeat until desired style is achieved. 
    -Tousle hair with your fingers. 
    -Finish your style with another spray for extra texture and hold.

    Beauty tips:
    -Full Dry Volume Blast is buildable. Start with a little and add on, depending on how much volume and texture you want in your style. 
    -Spray the product throughout your hair in an upward motion. 
    -If you want less texture, hold the can farther away from your head, spraying in a sweeping motion.


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