The Neo-Halo is one of our newest hair extension methods. No need to backcomb sections or fuss with multiple pieces. No glue, no heat and no mess. It can easily change your look in seconds. It is a multi-layered weft for clients with thin hair. It can allow them to add lots of volume and length quickly and easily. The weight of the extension rests on the top of the head, so there is zero damage to the hair.


"18 Premium Remy NEO HALO

COLORS #10-613
  • All sales are final on halos. For hygienic reasons we cannot issue returns or exchanges for these items.

  • Step 1: Rest the invisible wire around the crown of your client’s head with the wire resting an inch away from your front hairline. Adjust the bead so that the Infinitude-Halo fits securely on the head. Knot the wire tightly three times and cut off the excess.

    Step 2: Use a rat-tail comb end to flip a layer of your client’s natural hair over the invisible wire and weft. Proceed to cover the wire around the Infinitude Halo and brush together with your natural hair for an even blend.


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