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The Complete Guide to Everyday Scalp Care

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


There is a saying that our hair is our crowning glory. However, unlike hats, crowns, or even clothing, our hair is something we can never take off. That said, your scalp matters too! We tend to focus so much on our tresses that the scalp tends to be neglected sometimes. But the key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. So, we need to start at the roots, literally.

Most of us have our skincare routine and some may even be extensive - from cleansers to serums, you name it you have probably tried it. That is why it is a matter of applying the same consideration to your hair. To be honest, have you only paid attention to your scalp whenever you are faced with a pressing problem, like, dandruff or hair fall? Thought so.

If you want a head full of healthy hair, then you have to start taking care of your scalp too. Our scalp is part of our skin, so it makes sense to subject it to a scalp care routine that will create the optimum environment for healthy hair follicles, and ultimately, hair growth.

Scalp care need not involve buying a multitude of styling products. You’d be surprised by how everyday scalp care mostly involves good practices and habits you need to observe. Here’s how you can take care of your scalp.

Limit Washing Your Hair

You probably think washing your hair will keep it healthy and clean. But on the contrary, doctors recommend not washing your hair every day because doing so will strip your scalp of its natural oils. When it happens, your scalp will generate more oils to compensate for the lack of moisture. This results in a greasy, shiny mess. If you’ve ever encountered that, you know what we’re talking about.

Instead, you should only wash it 2-3 times a week, max. This would work wonders for those with oily and especially dry scalps because you get to spare your scalp from possible redness and irritation.

Deep Clean Your Scalp

Another way you could take care of your scalp is to deep clean it. One way to do it is by exfoliating using scalp cleansers. You can do this about once or twice a week, depending on your scalp’s condition. See, over time, all that oil, dirt, sweat, and even hair products could accumulate on our scalp, which can lead to dandruff-like flakes falling from your scalp.

Cleansing your scalp removes the excess oil, dirt, and even dead skin cells that cause hair loss. If left untreated, some may even cause infection. Luckily, lots of scalp cleansers are available in the market and they could take the form of scalp scrubs, pre-shampoo treatments, or exfoliating gels. For instance, Rene Futerer’s scalp cleansers contain natural ingredients like Asteraceae extract, which helps treat dry and irritated scalps. Another is melaleuca, an ingredient that’s great for exfoliation as well as for treating dandruff. These products are different from normal shampoos because they are specifically geared towards your scalp and hair follicles.

Stay Away From Products With Harsh Chemicals

Since the scalp is also part of your skin, you have to treat it with the same amount of care. This includes the products you are putting into it. As a rule of thumb, it is best to go for products that are sulfate, silicone, and fragrance-free. Sulfates are what enable your products like shampoo to give you a good lather. Don’t get us wrong, they are good at lifting away oil and dirt from your scalp but they tend to be drying, particularly if you already have skin sensitivity or have eczema and psoriasis. Plus, it can also make your hair dye fade a little faster.

Silicones may give that slippery effect, which can make your hair feel smooth but they can also clog your scalp’s pores, which can lead to product build-up. Fragrance can be a little tricky as some people react to them differently or may not react to them at all. But when it comes to fragrance, you could skip products that contain it just to be on the safe side. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of hair care products that are gentle on your hair and scalp! And the best part - they are all geared towards nourishing your hair!

Give Your Scalp a Good, Old Gentle Massage

When you are in the shower, you should massage the shampoo onto your hair gently. Do not scrub or scratch your scalp as this could cause abrasions. Moreover, massaging your scalp increases blood flow, which helps in stimulating hair growth as well as keeping your hair follicles healthy.

You don’t have to limit yourself to massaging your scalp in the shower! You could also try massaging it with an essential oil like tea tree even when you are relaxing or during your self-care day. Just try to avoid using mineral oil as it can be rather heavy and could clog your scalp’s pores.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

You may not realize it, but our diet contributes to a large part of what happens to our bodies. For instance, if you are dealing with hair thinning or hair loss, you could try eating food rich in fats like omega 3 as these are said to help nourish your scalp. If you find it difficult to consume or source out whole foods, then you can take a supplement. But be sure to consult with your doctor for this first before taking the plunge.

Given the tips we shared above, you can see that everyday scalp care is not rocket science. Everyone wants lush, vibrant, and healthy hair but often times the scalp is neglected. By taking care of our scalp, we can prevent encountering problems like dandruff, hair loss, and even greasy strands. Once you make it a habit to take care of your scalp, it will become part of your self-care routine!

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