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Lip Treatment

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Hello and welcome to our BLOG.

This is Stephanie Goulart, I'm the esthetician at our lovely Salon and today I wanted to talk LIPS

You exfoliate your face, and body, but do you exfoliate your lips. Here are some tips to exfoliate and hydrate your lips to plump and repair them. These steps are easy and quick to do in the morning before your makeup routine. It will help to smooth your lips before applying your lipstick and helps from your dark lipstick color to look flawless.

Before Makeup Routine

Step 1. Exfoliate

Use an exfoliating product that's abrasive to breakdown the dead skin and to stimulate the skin as well. I use Babor Sugar and Oil peeling, it can be used on face as well and it's got sugar, yummy. Don't have an exfoliating product use a dry toothbrush on your dry lip area, that also helps.

Step 2; Hydrate them.....

Hyaluronic acid adds plumpness to the skin by hydrating and swelling the cells. I like to use Babor's HA concentrate or HSR extra firming serum,. You can use an anti-aging, hydrating serum, or your eye cream...... really?

Trust it helps.

Step 3 Add a little lip balm, (i LOVE Babor's lip repair balm) just a bit and apply your lipstick. That's all folks, quick and easy and it will help the way your lipstick sits on your lips, especially those gorgeous REDS.

Note: if your using a liquid or matte lipstick you can skip the step 3 lip balm application.

Your Nightime routine requires a lip mask, introduce the Babor Hydro Gel lip mask. Infused with hyaluronic acid this mask plumps, cools and give your lips a youthful look. Highly recommended for clients who also do fillers. Pop them in the fridge for about 20min beforehand for an extra cool feeling. Great for right after your filler appointment. It hydrates, repairs and cools the area. Also highly recommended for a client that had dry irritated lips, I use this alot on my Dad when he's been working on the rooftop on a warmer sunny day.

Apply this mask after you've exfoliated your lips. Leave for 15-20min. Peel away and follow up with your serum and eye cream

Available in single pack for $10

or a pack of 4 $32.00

Try these tips out and let me know how it goes, I would love to hear back form you.

Check out our SHOP for the products I mentioned.

Your beauty expert,

Stephanie Goulart

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