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Healthy Hair Goals

Hi, my name is Melissa. I am a haircare provider focusing on healthy hair and scalp. I am a big believer in a healthy scalp that can grow healthy hair. I've dedicated most of my life to searching for quality haircare and I want to share my journey with you. Read along to find out how my life experiences led me to discover the products I use and why I use them.

🤩Take a trip down memory lane with me and live through my haircare journey in the pursuit of excellence in quality hair care products. Here we go!🛣

As a child, I had naturally curly hair. Styling it was out of the question, I simply wasn't allowed to. That didn't change how I felt about my hair though, I still hated it. I think a lot of people struggle with their hair and my struggle specifically was with the frizz. Once I matured and started to play around with different styling techniques and products I realized how hair behaved and how to fix certain things. Once I learned how to manipulate my hairstyle, I started to change my hair color. Expensive salons were out of the question, not in the budget. I watched in a movie (Matilda) that you could lighten your hair color with peroxide...who remembers SUN IN!? Needless to say, the ORANGE HAIR was real and the change made me feel so good. It was obviously not the best color for my complexion but I loved how changing my hair gave me this feeling of confidence and that is how I started my journey as a haircare provider.

I went to an all-girl high school in Toronto (Loretto College) and had an awesome 4 years of girl talk. I would wear my hair in different styles and when my friends saw they would ask for me to style their hair. Fast forward to hair school I still remember all the times I spent my lunch break styling my friends hair, it was so much fun and made me feel really good. It was a real hobby for me, something would always inspire me to want to try more styles and colors. Growing up with 2 sisters made for great practice too, my sisters were always eager to volunteer as models.

Once highschool was over, it was time to pursue a career and I come from a family of entrepreneurs so the choice was obvious, I would go to school for Business. Let's just say it wasn't my calling. I didn't have a plan at all for my future so I was uninspired. The one thing that kept me inspired was beauty and fashion, I was obsessed with hair, makeup, clothes, you name it. Watching all my friends getting along in their education made me feel insecure with the direction in my life so I decided the wisest choice would be to get licensed as a cosmetologist so, I signed up at Marca College in Dufferin Mall. I took a one year course, learned about all things hair and was introduced to hair extensions. At the time, we only learned one method. Now there are so many amazing ways to wear hair extensions that are safe and gentle for all hair types and I'm so obsessed with it I don't think ya'll understand. So I got licensed and closed another chapter in my book. The next chapter would be the longest, little did I know how big it would be!

In 2008 I was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, to have my own hair salon. I was terrified, I was only 24! It didn't seem like a smart idea but you know what they say, if you're not moving forward your staying the same and that's never been my style! My sister joined me on this journey as well, she got educated in the aesthetics field and together we started providing head-to-toe beauty services for our friends and family. Without any guidance or instruction, we began to carve our path as entrepreneurs and continued to add multiple positions in our title as business owners. We were growing, slow yet steady we were moving along. We took our sweet time researching the products we wanted to use in our business and on ourselves. Everything we place on our shelves in our salon has been tested and surpassed our standards. We want to help people by taking the guesswork out of the picture so you can go home with quality products and feel good about it.

Along the way, I started to grow my family as well. I am so blessed with my family and I couldn't imagine my life any other way. During this chapter I started a new relationship with hypothyroidism, this I could live without! Hypothyroidism is an auto-immune disease where your body creates a lot of thyroid anti-bodies and they attack your thyroid. Your thyroid controls your hormones and when left untreated can be deadly. The symptoms associated are weak nails, dry hair, weight gain, fatigue, but the worst one of all for me was the hairloss. It started to happen about 3 months after giving birth and I was terrified. What I didn't understand was how laid back and casual my Doctor was about it. He simply said, "Don't worry, it'll grow back". Well that was not good enough for me so I started another chapter, the healthy hair and scalp journey. There were some good products and some not so good but then I finally found the holy grail of healthy hair and scalp care and that is the Rene Furter brand.

I started to use the products and tested them out for a whole year before introducing them to my clients. This product line puts their money where it counts, into research. Once I took part in their annual training I felt like this new found knowledge was bestowed upon me and became my mission to help other people with the same problem that I had. These products plus hair extensions have helped me feel confident about my hair again and I will be able to help my clients better to reach their hair goals.

Helping people reach their hair goals is my passion. It brings me joy that I can help people feel better about themselves, like a therapist. The journey continues of course, who knows what's next! That's the beauty of the beauty industry, one style doesn't fit all so if you can find a service provider that connects with you in your life experiences that's special. There's no substitute for life experience so I welcome you to come see me at my salon and get your experience of a lifetime. I'm here for you, I can help you reach your dream hair goals and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post, I tried to keep it as brief as possible! I feel like this could make for a good book one day though, what do you think!

Have a blessed day, be kind, stay safe and make good choices🙏

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