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Dad's Gonna love these Gifts 😍😍

Finally the season we've been craving for!

So many wonderful moments are created in the summer that make us feel warm in the long winter month's; swimming, playing beach volleyball, kayaking, but most of all June is the month when we celebrate our dads. Not just our dad's and the father's to our children, but all the men who have made a positive impact on a child's life.

How many of us have memories of our father's grooming routine? Watching him as he laid out his kit on the bathroom counter, carefully applied shaving cream, and slowly revealed clean, fresh skin beneath. even the most traditional dad's often feel most confident when looking their best after a fresh shave. Years, later we've realized that dad's love to indulge in a bit of aesthetic grooming too.

Many of our happy customers are men, and your dad will love what a facial or treatment can do for him!

From your Glam Squad


Here are some brilliant Father's Day gift ideas for your dad (or for you)!

For the Classic (or skeptical) Dad

If your dad isn’t sure about coming in for a treatment, why not buy him some at-home skincare products? Treat him to a product for an at-home solution he’ll love. We’ve learned that light textured products are an all-time favourite with men because they’re easy to use, feel great, and are efficiently formulated for visible results. The Rejudicare Aquaprime cream-serum, with hyaluronic acid to leave his skin smooth and supple and a perfect product to use as an aftershave. It is designed in a bottle that won’t spill and he can take it with him to the gym or travel. A medical grade Express facial is also a great option. Often clients who are reluctant about coming in for their first treatment will change their mind once they experience being pampered and see how brilliant their skin looks afterwards! It's only 30 minutes long, but it addresses all skin needs. Everyone deserves to feel fabulous. Some of us just need a bit of encouragement.

For the Sporty Dad

What dad wouldn’t want to have a massage? Whether it’s head massage, face or his feet get pampered, he would be so grateful for the experience. Head massage is one of the most amazing and relaxing things. The benefits of head massage are endless for a person suffering from severe stress or headache due to various factors. Adding a scalp treatment to address hair loss, itchy or oily scalp, dandruff using high quality organic and stimulating ingredients provides vitality and fresh pure sensations for a scalp that is instantly invigorated. Even with a beard or mustache, facial massage is still an option for men. The skin under the hair will still receive the benefits from the massage. Facial massages for men can reduce excess moisture and tighten pores to reduce sweating, as well as cleanse skin of bacteria. Facial massage also contributes to improved circulation, relieves tension, provides proper hydration, calms skin from shaving by increasing oxygenated blood flow which is necessary for healing. Foot massage boosts circulation, which helps with healing and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy, especially if his feet have spent days crammed into thick wool socks or heavy boots. Paired with a foot soak, exfoliation, nail clipping, and buffing, the experience he would be coming in for on the regular basis. Tip Dad off to these treatments if he’s already mentioned that he’s frustrated with tension in his neck and shoulders, grinding his teeth, or just wants his strong and achy feet to be rubbed and exfoliated.

For the tired, hard working Dad?

Does your dad’s skin look like it’s working just as hard as he does? Laser Genesis is the perfect choice for active dads who already have great skin or just looking for a pick me up. This non-invasive and very pleasant treatment for men and women who are looking for subtle ways to take years off their face. Laser Genesis works for all ages to reverse sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate visible scars, address acne, minimize pore size, treat redness, even out skin tone and texture. If he’s hesitant to give something new a try or you’d like to spend some time together, why not book a treatment together? Quality time is the most meaningful gift, and best of all – it’s free.


Let us celebrate our fathers and honour them for making a difference in our world..


Salon Goulart & Medical Spa

256 Crawford St. Toronto, ON


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