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Here comes that Holiday GLOW 🦄

The much anticipated Babor Holiday Calendar is on its way..... Pre Order yours today to avoid dissapointment.

Babor's much anticipated Holiday ampoule calendar is on its way...... Pre order yours today to avoid dissapointment.

This calendar holds 24 of Babor's well know ampoules. Suitable for all skin types and quickly absorbed into your skin. for just $99.00 the calendar holds a value of $175.00 ampoules.

24 days of Holiday Glow. Minimal effort. Maximum Results.


3x Beauty Rescue

2x Algae Vitalizer

3x Perfect Glow

3x Active Night

3x 3D Firming

3x Lift Express

2x Grand Cru The Rose

3x Grand Cru The White

2x Grand Cru The Black

Call us at (416)319-4839 or Email us at to place your orders.

Yours Truly,

Stephanie Goulart

Your Babor Beauty Expert

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