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New product alert from Babor.... GRAND CRU ampoules

Arriving next week is Babor's newest addition to the fluid category, the GRAND CRU. Unlike most of their fluids the GRAND CRU ampoules target more than just one issue. They are to firm, protect, enhance and restore the skins radiance. All in one package of 7 ampoules at a value of $64.95.


It is the most luxurious ampoule treatment of all times. Delivers ultimate anti-aging in 3 steps for 7 days.


In the package you receive 2 of The Rose Ampoule:

*reduces the depth of lines with instant visible results that creates an immediate anti-aging effect. Extract of the damask rose extends the cycle of dermal cells, stimulates collagen production and leaves the skin looking rejuvenated.

3 of The White Ampoule:

*creates an even, radiant glow. Rosa alba extract stimulates metabolic activity in the skin cells and balances out irregularities in the skin tone.

and 2 of The Black Ampoule:

*the Black Baccara Rose provides ultimate protection against free radicals and counteracts premature, environmentally enduced skin aging. Ferulic acid and rosemary provides all-round protection for the DNA of stem cells, even during exposure to sunlight, while cactus extract supplies moisture.

Below is a sneak peek of these ampoules.

Call us to place your Pre Order (416) 319-4839 or email at Place your order between Thursday October 24 and Saturday October 27 and receive 10% off. Order your today only 12 available.

Yours Truly,

Stephanie Goulart

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